Contemporary Realistic Fiction



Contemporary Realistic Fiction is better known as imaginative writing that reflects life. Many of these books are about families, peers, and modern society. In this paper I’m going to elaborate on developing sexuality, finding oneself, survival stories, coping with problems of the human condition, physical disabilities, developmental and learning disabilities, mental illness, and aging and death. These books are also are great books to read when the student is going to sixth grade. When a student goes to the sixth grade they are tradition from elementary to middle school; now the student thinks they are grown. Because they are not in elementary school anymore now they are in middle school and one more step to high school, and that’s when students really think they are grown. Everyone has to cope with problems of the human Condition. Coping with problems are either birth, pain, and loneliness, poverty, illness or death. Children do not escape these problems however, literature give them something were they can escape their problems. It also shows how characters handled the same thing that the student was going through. In physical disabilities they serve two purposes. These are great books to read the author writes books to target something that has happen in a child life. It also helps the students cope with situation that they deal with every day.


Writing Process


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The roots of writing progress start with pre-speech gestures and from language that the student hears later on. Writers gain knowledge- transforming that allows the student to change their thoughts while they write. Teaching the writing process help the students understand how they will use this tool every day. As an educator we should show the students how important reading and writing is use every day, and we should encourage the students to read and write daily. Topic selection is the most important part of the process. When the teacher let the students select their own topics, the student will write more about the topic because it’s something that they have interest in.  When the teacher assigned the topic the student might not have interest in the topic and this will result in the student not doing well on the writing assignment. Another tool that the students can use while they are writing is brainstorming. Clustering is when the student picks a topic and draws a diagram to list everything about the topic. Rehearsing is part of the writing process which the writer mentally put together there writing. Throughout the day the student is thinking about their paper until they turn it in. After rehearsing, the student composes there writing. When the student is composing there writing they do care how neat, misspelling of words, and mechanics. After the student finish composing they write their first draft.



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So many people turn their nose up towards uniforms. However, I feel it is one of the best ideas that the school has created. Children can be really mean, and cruel. They will pick on a student because they do not have on the latest Jordan’s on their feet. This cause bullying and it also take the focus off of the education. Children can get distracted so easily so if everyone have on the same thing this should not cause that much of a distraction. However, the students can still pick on the other students because they do not have on the latest fashion. Many students cannot afford the latest fashion, so if the school put the students in uniform its way cheaper. My mom use to buy regular clothes for my brother and she had to buy me uniforms clothes. I was one of the students that wanted to wear regular clothes, however; I now understand why the school did it.

Public School VS. Private School


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There have been several debates about public v. private school. Some people field that private school is better than public school. Private school does have more advantages than public school. However, I do not feel it is better. There are some really great public as well. I feel a student should go to a school that will have their best interest in what they want to do with their life. Some students do not want to go private school because they were uniforms. However, many public schools are now wearing uniform. I feel everyone should be in uniform because when you are in uniform the children will not pick one you because you do not have the latest fashion in clothes. Private school has to come up with their own funding that is why they have tuition. Public school you do not have to pay for school it is free, but they have to follow the state rules and regulations. I feel parents should pick the best school that will fit with their child future.

Single Sex Education


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Single Sex education is when male and female students are separated by classes or by building or schools and is also identified as single gender education.  In the nineteenth century, single sex education was common in primary education and secondary education. When you think of single sex education you think of private schools; however, public schools are now starting to try single sex education. A single sex institution performs better academically because there is no opposite sex distractions. This helps the students to stay focus on their school work. Teenagers concentrate better on their school work, because at this age they are still easily distracted by the opposite-sex classmates. When children are in a single sex environment they feel free to do more and will also not have the pressures of impressing the opposite sex. Single sex education has academic benefits. In an article that I read it said that students do better in the classroom with the same sex.

Homeless Students


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Being a homeless child is a big issue that we have in America. America should take more actions to help end children being homeless. When a child is homeless this has a big effect on their lives. They lose focus on school and much more. They have a few programs to assist with children; however, they need more programs to help them. They should protect the children and make more rules and regulations to help the parents and children. They have created the McKinney-Vento Act to help children that are homeless with their education. With this Act they fund schools to help students that are homeless. They are many homeless shelters that will help families get their life together. Teachers should make more after school programs to help the child do their homework. Teachers believe in all their students and always want to see their students succeed in everything that they do in life. When a teacher sees their student having a problem in school they are always prepared to help the student. When a child is homeless they are not focus on anything. They also will be sick more than a non-homeless child.  They have several disorders and have behavior problems. In every state they should start more after school programs to help the children. Supporters can help homeless children to succeed in their life by working together to improve educational services.  We have to speak up for children because they are our future.

Philosophy of Reading


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I have discussed my philosophy of education, however; I have not discuss my philosophy of reading. Reading is the skill to recognize the meaning of letters, words, and symbols. To build up brilliant readers who actively work together and make connections with the text for comprehension. I will motivate my children to do their very best. The first steps to teach the students how to read is to teach the students the alphabet. You have to teach the students there alphabet, make sure they know its twenty six letters and one English language.  In addition, you will teach the students there phonics; this is best method to learn how to read. You can also give the student cite words for them to learn every week. Children first start to learn how to read at home. For example, when you ask the child to pick something up for you they have to read and make sure that’s the right item. Teachers have to believe that every child can be taught and every child can learn how to read and write.

ABC’s of Life


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Rev. Reggie came to campus and gave us the ABC’s of life. I feel every child should know this because it has a very great message in the end. The first alphabet of life is that your attitude determines your altitude.  This means you cannot let your attitude hold you back from reaching for your goals; don’t let your attitudes hinder what you can accomplish in the future. The attitude that you put forward should determine the altitude of your success. The second alphabet is to begin with the end in mind. This means that you should start off how you would like to finish. For example when you start college you should already be thinking and preparing for the steps you take after you graduate from college. The third alphabet is that choices are seeds not trees. This means that you can plant seeds in your life but if you don’t take care of it and put in the work it want produce a harvest, it won’t reach success; you can only put out what you put in. Every choice you make is a seed with the potential to reach great success.

Classroom Coupons



Teacher always give students verbal praise on how great they are doing in class. This is a great because student love to receive praise when they are doing good. All children love to receive compliments on how well they are doing. I think educators should come up with more rewards system for the students. I was reading a blog and in that classroom they had classroom coupons. Classroom coupons are coupons for the classroom like homework pass, they will give you the homework pass and they will not have to the homework that night. They use this method while I was in middle and high school. I love this method because there were a few days that I forgot to do my homework and I use my coupon. There are several ways the teacher can use the coupon method in their classroom they have to just choose what they want to do.

S.T.A.A.R Testing Week



Well it is that time of year again. It is time for the students to take the S.T.A.A.R test. The S.T.A.A.R test is “(State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) is the State student testing program for core subject areas – reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. The number of tests taken each year will vary from two to four, depending on the grade level” ( During this time the students are preparing for the test; the school has even split of the entire student base on what they made on the pre-test. This help the students better prepare for the test. The teacher also has more time to spend with the students with their difficult subject. I think is a great system and we needed to continue the system. I remember doing the same thing when I was in middle school a few years back, but we called it T.A.K.S Blitz. T.A.K.S is similar to the S.T.A.A.R test they switch it my 11th grade year in high school. Let’s keep up the good work and prepare the students to pass the test.